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H3450Popular Hydra-Jaw Series Features New H3450
With processing capabilities of up to 600 TPH, and designed with a 34-inch x 50-inch opening, the new H3450 is the latest addition to the Telsmith Hydra-Jaw Series. Just as in prior models, the H3450 is engineered with a hydraulic toggle that reduces downtime and maintenance requirements, and lowers operating costs with fast, safe hydraulic chamber clearing, and tramp iron overload relief with auto resets. For significant operating cost savings, the H3450 is designed with interchangeable swing and stationary jaw dies. Operators need to stock only one type of jaw die, and that die is reversible top to bottom and left to right.

Next - a closer look at the three-point advantage of the H3450 toggle design:

  1. Hydraulic adjustment: Adjustments are made in moments at the hydraulic control panel. No spring adjustment or tools are needed. Versus traditional shim adjustments, this eliminates an hour or more of downtime – allowing for frequent adjustments if desired. By maintaining the optimum feed size for the next stage of crushing, plants gain greater productivity and improved quality control.
  2. Hydraulic overload relief: To prevent costly downtime and repairs, the overload relief system protects the crusher from tramp metal or other uncrushable material. The system senses an overload condition, allowing the crusher to automatically open and the materials to pass – followed by an automatic reset to the assigned setting.
  3. Hydraulic chamber clearing: There is no need to dig out the crusher after an emergency stop or power outage. Via push-button controls, the hydraulics crush any material that remains in the chamber, preventing oversized material from passing onto the product belt.