Issue No. 05


Welcome back to our current issue of Process.

Once again, we welcome you to Process – and to an edition that’s extremely important to our industry and to the health of our infrastructure. Please take a few minutes to read a key message from Telsmith President Matt Haven:

Dead End“Don’t let America dead end. Unless Congress acts prior to May 31st, funding for America’s highways will run out. There are only a few days left for your elected officials, and for you to take action. Our Astec companies have created the website to allow you to automatically send an electronic letter to your particular federal representatives – if you have not done so already. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our businesses to ensure a long-term, properly-funded Highway Trust Fund.  

As you may know, it’s been six years since Congress has passed a long-term bill. Instead it has passed 32 short-term measures – which has resulted in a deteriorating infrastructure, and a reduction in contractor jobs and workers’ wages. 

The Highway Trust fund must be sustainably financed to prevent unnecessary funding crises. While there have been numerous methods of funding under discussion, few have risen to the top for one reason or another. One potential approach is raising the federal gas tax (which hasn't been increased since 1993) to restore its purchasing power and to maintain a more fair “user fee” principle. Certainly no one likes increased taxes; however supporting the Highway Trust Fund with an increased gas tax, indexed for inflation, ensures the program’s long-term success as the fund would be self-supporting – and manufacturers and contractors would have the certainty they need to invest and grow. Regardless of the funding method, we must take action. Our economy, job growth, and our quality of life depends on a strong, vital infrastructure.

If you support passing a long-term highway funding bill, please contact Congress today by clicking on The initial process takes about four minutes. In fact, the “take action” button on the site goes directly to the Association of Equipment Manufacturer’s “I Make America” site, which already had a “send a letter” function. Give your name, address and email, and a letter to President Obama and your specific Congressional delegation pops up. Don’t like the wording? You can delete part or all of it all and write your own message.

Note that I Make America Campaign is dedicated to furthering the interests of AEM member manufacturing companies by advocating for policies that strengthen our industry and economic vitality. Programs, such as I Make America, ensure that opportunities in manufacturing will not only remain in the US, but will continue to expand.

I thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to contact your politicians on your own or via the website above, and please encourage others to do so as well.”

With best regards,
Matt Haven
President of Telsmith, Inc.

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