Industry News - Safety Stats


MSHA has just released its summary of 2015 first-quarter fatal accidents at Metal/Non-Metal Mines; and preventative recommendations. Six workers were killed in accidents that involved machinery, falling material, and hoisting tasks. Note that 42 workers died in various accidents occurring since October 2013.

MSHA stresses that conducting workplace examinations every shift can prevent deaths when safety and health hazards are found and fixed. Workers died as a result of failure to follow basic safety rules, including: locking out and tagging out equipment; wearing seat belts; wearing fall protection; following safe blasting procedures; controlling ground conditions; conducting pre-operational checks on mobile equipment and fixing any problems found. Ten supervisors suffered fatal accidents as well. Supervisors should set the example and train workers to follow safe procedures, and eliminate hazards before beginning work. Safety is a “culture” that requires working together to prevent potential hazards.