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Can I make sand with my cone crusher?

Yes, you can make sand with your cone crusher, making it a sand crusher and rock crusher.

In this video, Jeff Gray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Telsmith explains that with today’s cones and the Telsmith TRAC10 automation system, cone crushers can make sand.

Here are the important points Jeff covers in the video:

  1. The Telsmith TRAC10 automation system monitors crusher operations, provides automated calibration and setting controls, and protects the crusher from overload; all to yield a greater crushing performance.

  2. TRAC10 allows you to run the crusher at tighter settings and protect the machine at the same time by monitoring amps, upper frame balance, and other specifics such as liner wear.

  3. TRAC10 figures the moisture of the feed, the gradation of the feed, and the tons per hour you want to process and then finds the proper running setting for those variables.  

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