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How important is liner selection while running a cone crusher?

Cone Crusher liner selection is very important in keeping your cone crusher running efficiently and producing a consistent sellable product.

In this video, Al Van Mullem, Vice President of Engineering at Telsmith explains why choosing the right liner will benefit your cone crusher and overall operation.

Here are the important points Al covers in the video.

  1. Be sure the feed opening is appropriate for the rock size that is being placed in the chamber. This is important because you do not want the materials blocking the opening causing loss of throughput due to the restricted feed entrance.

  2. Choose the liner that has the right discharge setting that matches your desired closed side setting in the products you are producing. By doing this you will get a more even wear throughout the liner life.

  3. By selecting the right liner, your amp draw will be more consistent and reduce the chance for upper frame bounce, which could cause an overload condition for your cone crusher.  

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