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What is the hybrid thrust bearing on the Titan Series Cone Crushers?

In this video, Rob Wheeler, Project Engineer at Telsmith, explains what the hybrid thrust bearing is on the Titan Series cones and why it’s an advantage.

Hybrid is something composed of two different components: Hydro-Dynamic and Hydro-Static lift.

1. Hydro-Static is where we apply external pressure from our lubrication system. That pressure gets between the bearing and the bronze that it runs against, which physically lifts the components. It has a very large surface area and a fair amount of pressure, up to 300 psi.

2.Hydro-Dynamic is the relative motion once the crusher begins to spin. While the crusher is spinning there is a thin layer of oil that was initially from the hydro-static portion at start-up. Once we have our hydro-static lift when we begin to spin we create an additional force, which is the hydro-dynamic force. The bearing has a very small ramp to it which creates additional pressure that doubles the lift force.

The biggest advantage with the hybrid thrust bearing is that the amount of friction is much lower than a roller bearing. People think that roller bearings are a lot easier to move, but at load, the roller bearings are being compressed, deformed, and use more horsepower the more you use them. With the hybrid bearing, the tighter you close your gap up the easier they spin.

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