Titan Tuesday: Titan™ Series Cone Crusher (Anti-Spin System) | Telsmith

Titan Tuesday: Titan™ Series Cone Crusher (Anti-Spin System)

What makes Telsmith’s Titan™ Series Cone Crushers stand out from ordinary cone crushers? This video is part of a 6-part series showcasing the unique features and inner workings of the Titan Series Cone Crushers. This week, we feature the Anti-Spin System.

The patented Anti-Spin System in Titan Cone Crushers has high torque capacity and it’s fully integrated inside the machine.

Anti-Spin is activated when is no material in the chamber, plus the system is located directly under the crushing head, near the pivot point, helping provide the more compact, shorter profile of Titan Cone Crushers.

Anti-Spin used the same cone oil lubrication reservoir and serves as a fluid break- no mechanical fuses to repair or replace. When oil lubrication and supply pressure is applied to Anti-Spin, oificies restrict the volume of oil entering the motor. A check valve halts clockwise rotation of the head. If there is a lock-up between the head and eccentric, the kick down relief valve will allow pressure to increase. Then it will open and permit bypass, which allows the head to rotate clockwise, avoiding damage to the Anti-Spin System.

Anti-Spin also plays a key role with the TRAC10 control interface system in periodically collaborating liner wear. With the push of a button on the TRAC10 control panel, a pressure change on the Anti-Spin System indicates contact with the liner surfaces. Then TRAC10  calculates the liner’s life expectancy based on this wear information.

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