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Titan Tuesday: Titan™ Series Cone Crusher (Hybrid Thurst Bearings)

What makes Telsmith’s Titan™ Series Cone Crushers stand out from ordinary cone crushers? This video is part of a 6-part series showcasing the unique features and inner workings of the Titan Series Cone Crushers. This week, we feature the hybrid thrust bearings.

Telsmith harnesses hybrid bearing technology, a proven innovation for the crushing industry, helping you make the most available horsepower.

Featuring a simplified bronze washer and steel ramp design, hybrid bearings replace more expensive conventional bearing solutions. Inside the crusher, the bearings work together with the lubrication system to create hydro-static and hydro-dynamic lift for low-friction operation.

Static lift is initiated by turning on the oil pump, and oil runs up the ramps of the steel bearing. As oil pressure builds, the bearings are separated by a film of oil – a full film of lubrication, not boundary layer lubrication, as in a crusher that uses a socket.

Dynamic lift is created when the crusher’s drive motor is turned on. As the eccentric begins to rotate, it glides on a lubrication wedge separating the bearing surfaces. This improved lift and low friction eccentric rotation carry crushing forces better than machines using traditional bearings.

The higher bearing load capacity allows you to run at tighter settings. The simple washer and ramp design translates into a lower upfront cost than other bearing solutions and reduced and repair replacements cost.

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