Titan Tuesday: Titan™ Series Cone Crusher (Top Service Disassembly) | Telsmith

Titan Tuesday: Titan™ Series Cone Crusher (Top Service Disassembly)

What makes Telsmith’s Titan™ Series Cone Crushers stand out from ordinary cone crushers? This video is part of a 6-part series showcasing the unique features and inner workings of the Titan Series Cone Crushers. This week, we feature the top service disassembly.

Liner changes and parts inspection are further simplified by top service disassembly. The main shaft on Titan cone crushers is fixed into the lower mainframe, and the countershaft is positioned below the main gear. This design enables you to remove components from the top instead of the bottom, improving safety and efficiency.

More importantly, top service disassembly makes crusher inspection simple and fast, giving you the opportunity to inspect parts on a regular basis.  There is no need to spend man-hours extracting machine components to access key wear components.

With Titan cone crushers, add just a few extra minutes to remove the head and eccentric to inspect the complete machine. For example, you can visually inspect the bearing, drive gears and other parts during a routine liner change.

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