Titan Tuesday: Titan™ Series Cone Crusher (TRAC10® Control System) | Telsmith

Titan Tuesday: Titan™ Series Cone Crusher (TRAC10® Control System)

What makes Telsmith’s Titan™ Series Cone Crushers stand out from ordinary cone crushers? This video is part of a 6-part series showcasing the unique features and inner workings of the Titan Series Cone Crushers. This week, we feature the TRAC10® Control System.

Tracking liner wear is just one capability of TRAC10® Control System. With this automated interface with Titan cone crushers, you can control all essential crusher functions and parameters and protect the crusher from overload.

TRAC10®gives you all the data you need to make informed decisions about operating and maintaining your machine to yield greater crushing performance and efficiency while reducing operating costs. Instantly modify settings at all times, even while crushing.

Sensors continuously monitor crushing lubrication, hydraulic and electrical systems, make adjustments, and provide advanced warnings even though you may be busy in other areas.

Historical records and trending data provide you with additional troubleshooting tools. They may be used for predictive maintenance, parameters like remaining liner life, hydraulic relief, anti-spin history, lubrication, temperature, pressure and closed-side settings.

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