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What would cause my upper frame to bounce on my cone crusher?

In this video, Brian Jaworski, Senior Engineer at Telsmith, explains the reasons why your upper frame may bounce on your cone crusher.

Here are the causes of upper frame bounce:

  1. Your feed isn’t centered: The feed going into the crusher isn’t centered on the shaft nut, which causes the course material to go on one side and fine material on the other.
  2. High moisture content: High moisture content in the material can cause “Packing.”
  3. Material level:  When the crusher isn’t choke fed, the chamber isn’t full of material. To fix this, you need to fill the chamber up and keep the level of the material above the shaft nut cap.
  4. Material isn’t screened properly: If the material isn’t screened properly, you have a lot of fines that end up being crushed at the bottom of the chamber.
  5. Wrong liner selection.
  6. Initial material feed: When the cone is initially fed material, the chamber isn’t full, so the material goes down to the bottom of the chamber, causing the upper frame to bounce. Once the material is able to build up in the chamber, and the crusher is choke fed, the upper frame bounce will be eliminated.
  7. Allowing tramp iron into your crusher.
  8. Low pressure on your hydraulic cylinder: There is a certain amount of clamp pressure needed for the hydraulic cylinders to hold that upper frame down and if it’s too low, it will bounce.

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